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Im Alter von zwölf Jahren muss Kara Zor-El ihren Heimatplaneten Krypton verlassen und wird von ihren Eltern auf die Erde geschickt. Als sie dort ankommt, nimmt sie die Danvers-Familie auf und kümmert sich fortan um das junge Mädchen. Die Familie. ↑ Calista Flockhart: Calista Flockhart Cast as Cat Grant in Supergirl. In: IGN. ign.​com, Februar , abgerufen am Juli (englisch). Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Melissa Benoist · David Harewood · Mehcad Brooks · Chyler Leigh · Calista Flockhart · Jeremy . Supergirl Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Calista Flockhart u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Supergirl: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Supergirl: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Kate Micucci und Jennifer Cheon Garcia gastieren im Oktober in der 5. Staffelpremiere von "Supergirl". Die Heldin erwartet derweil ein neues. SuperKgirl on Instagram: “She's a dork and I love her so much ❤️ |elseworlds part 3| • • • • • #elseworlds #dctv #crossover #theflash #arrow #supergirl #cw #dc​.

Chris Wood Mon-El 83 Episodes Floriana Lima Maggie Sawyer 79 Episodes Staz Nair William Dey 20 Episodes Peter Facinelli Maxwell Lord 23 Episodes Briana Venskus Agent Vasquez 18 Episodes Chris Vance Non 16 Episodes Malina Weissman Young Kara 13 Episodes Italia Ricci Siobhan Smythe 12 Episodes Owain Yeoman Vartox 7 Episodes Helen Slater Dr.

Eliza Danvers, Eliza 6 Episodes Dean Cain Dr. Teri Hatcher Rhea 5 Episodes Carl Lumbly Myr'nn 4 Episodes Christopher Showerman Tor 3 Episodes Jon Cryer Lex Luthor 3 Episodes Laura Vandervoort Indigo 3 Episodes Dan Warner Fire Captain 3 Episodes Odette Annable Reign 3 Episodes Tristin Mays Paulina 3 Episodes Adrian Pasdar Morgan Edge 2 Episodes Betty Buckley Patricia Arias 2 Episodes Luke Macfarlane Agent Donovan 2 Episodes Sam Witwer Ben Lockwood 2 Episodes Casey Strand Reporter 2 Episodes Dawn Greenidge Pedestrian Woman 2 Episodes Eric Steinberg Commander Gor 2 Episodes Michael Albala Doctor, Scientist 2 Episodes Robert Grant Zor-El 2 Episodes Stephen Amell Green Arrow 2 Episodes Dichen Lachman Roulette 2 Episodes Blake Jenner Adam 2 Episodes David Ajala Manchester Black 2 Episodes Yael Grobglas Psi 2 Episodes Kitana Turnbull Costumed Girl 2 Episodes Aaron Lustig Lawyer 1 1 Episode Brenda Strong Lillian Luthor 1 Episode Chad Lowe Thomas Coville 1 Episode Faran Tahir The Commander 1 Episode Henry Czerny Winslow Schott Sr.

Kevin Sorbo 1 Episode Laurie Metcalf Mary 1 Episode Rhona Mitra Mercy Graves 1 Episode Ric Sarabia Aien Soldier 1 Episode Sara Gilbert Herself 1 Episode Wentworth Miller Citizen Cold 1 Episode Willie Garson Steve 1 Episode Xander Berkeley Peter Lockwood 1 Episode Carlos Bernard Maggie's Father 1 Episode Harriet Sansom Harris Sinead 1 Episode Robert Gant Zor-El 1 Episode Erica Durance Alura 1 Episode Aisha Tyler Herself 1 Episode Julie Chen Herself 1 Episode Samantha Harris Pundit 2 1 Episode Sharon Osbourne Herself 1 Episode Sheryl Underwood Herself 1 Episode Anjali Jay Serena 1 Episode Carlos Valdes Cisco Ramon 1 Episode Cheryl Turner Grandmother 1 Episode Dar Dixon Board Member 1 Episode Jamie Kaler Pundit 1 1 Episode Jessica Queller 1 Episode Jonathan Bennett 1 Episode Kavita Patil Doctor 1 Episode Marc Guggenheim 1 Episode Ray Campbell Jim Warren 1 Episode Rene Ashton Lawyer 2 1 Episode Rey Hernandez Commander 1 Episode Ron Bottitta Doctor 1 Episode Terrell Tilford Armek 1 Episode Todd Sherry Professor Luzano 1 Episode Zuhair Haddad Store Owner 1 Episode Charles Halford Jemm 1 Episode Blake Berris Gabriel Phillips 1 Episode Azie Tesfai Kelly 1 Episode Derek Mio Hayashi 1 Episode Iddo Goldberg Dr.

Rey Valentin Ricardo 1 Episode Andrea Brooks Eve Tessmacher 1 Episode Meaghan Rath 1 Episode Russell Tovey The Ray 1 Episode Tamzin Merchant Lyra 1 Episode Jesse Rath Brainiac-5 1 Episode Candice Patton Iris 1 Episode Izabela Vidovic Young Kara 1 Episode Caity Lotz White Canary 1 Episode Bruno Amato Security Guard 1 Episode Peter Gadiot Mr.

Mxyzptlk 1 Episode Rahul Kohli Jack Spheer 1 Episode Jasmine Alveran Daughter 1 Episode Justice Leak Thief 1 Episode Isaac Keys Guard 3 1 Episode In season 4, Alex struggles with her new role as director, and her organization deals with a new wave of anti-extraterrestrial bigotry within the country.

During the crossover, " Elseworlds ", Kara meets Alex's Earth-1 counterpart, who is intrigued of learning the details of her Earth self's life from Kara.

In order to protect Kara from Haley, Alex has J'onn wipe her memory of her knowing that her sister is Supergirl.

Though she later regains her memory of this after seeing Supergirl being beaten up by Red Daughter. After Supergirl is resuscitated by the sunlight, Alex gets a call from Colonel Haley about the true purpose of the Claymore satellite.

In season 5, Alex assists in the investigation of Leviathan. She was surprised at that when Martian Manhunter restored her memories. When her father passed away, Alex was reluctant to attend his funeral and used the Obsidian lens to do a Supergirl fantasy that started to affect her alongside the others that indulge in it.

Afterwards, Alex went to Midvale to attend her father's funeral. Winslow "Winn" Schott Jr. Winn has an unrequited crush on Kara and is rivals with James for her affection, and he later pursued a relationship with Cat's new assistant Siobhan Smythe until she turns into Supergirl's supernatural metahuman archenemy Silver Banshee.

In the series, he is the son of Toyman. Winn is responsible for helping James to become the Guardian while he is called the man in the van by James.

In addition to remain improving Kara's costume and offers her tech support, Winn also makes his own modifications with her interdimensional extrapolator, a device she received from Earth-1's metahuman inventor Cisco Ramon.

In season three, Winn helps in the fight against the Worldkillers. By the end of season three, Winn is invited to join the Legion of Super-Heroes as he invented the sub-atomic shield and its development saves countless people in the future.

Together with Mon-El, he travels into future for saving it, starting his own journey as a hero. Jeremy Jordan returns to the series in its fifth season.

Winn does give advice to Nia about certain things while referencing her descendant. Supergirl and the DEO were able to thwart the attempt of the lives of Andrea Rojas and those present at her presentation, but Toyman perishes.

This changes Winn's future where he no longer a wanted man. When his alternate counterpart's mind is uploaded into the D. Winn was able to stop the hack as Toyman and the alternate Toyman are deleted.

As he plans to return to the future, Winn plans to become a different Toyman. J'onn takes Henshaw's likeness in order to reform the DEO from within as well as a promise to Jeremiah Danvers to watch over Alex and Kara, who each subsequently trust him as a mentor after learning of his true identity.

Prior to his escape from the holocaust on Mars, J'onn was a law enforcement officer to his people. In addition to his powers, J'onn learned various skills and knowledge after living on Earth over decades including martial arts, strategy, investigation tactics, in addition telepathically learned some of Henshaw's memories and knowledge, making him a formidable opponent when in human form without the need of his extraterrestrial abilities and more than capable to run the DEO in Henshaw's place.

In the episode " Falling ", J'onn reveals to the whole world his true identity in order to stop Kara, who is affected by Red Kryptonite, from killing Alex.

He is then arrested by the DEO agents who are at the scene, only to escape with Alex upon learning that Jeremiah has survived the attack and that he is being held at Project Cadmus, a facility that experiments with aliens and where he was going to be taken.

In season two, J'onn begins a romantic relationship with a benevolent member of the White Martian race, M'gann M'orzz.

In season three, it is revealed that J'onn's father is alive and they struggle to reconcile of their relationship. His spaceship is disguised as a vintage Chevrolet Deluxe convertible, in which J'onn, Kara, and Alex love to drive for pleasure.

By the end of season three, after he succeeds the memory and knowledge from his father, J'onn leaves the DEO. In season four, J'onn helps run a support group for aliens trying to integrate into Earth society.

He also begins a career as a private investigator. He eschews combat, preferring to provide guidance and mentorship.

He warns Kara of a rising wave of anti-alien bigotry. In addition, he starts to go after Manchester Black.

During the fight at Shelly Island where they were imprisoned, J'onn and Dreamer use their abilities to overload the core of the satellite before it can be fired on Argo where Superman is.

In season five, J'onn assisted in the investigation of Leviathan and deals with his brother Malefic. After reconciling with Malefic and sending him to meet with M'gann, J'onn is approached by the Monitor who stated that he passed this test to prepare himself for the upcoming Crisis.

Following the Crisis which led to the formation of Earth-Prime, J'onn worked to restore the memories of their allies as well as assisted in fighting the Anti-Monitor.

J'onn later provided Alex with a special suit to help in the fight against Leviathan. The evolution of Henshaw was discussed during the filming of the pilot, with the executive producers jokingly saying that Harewood would be a good actor to play the Martian Manhunter in a potential television series, to which DC Comics ' Geoff Johns asked why it could not be done in Supergirl.

Harewood reflected that he had a difficult time "find[ing] an angle to play Hank Henshaw" in the pilot, and became excited when he was told about the change for his character's backstory.

He was subsequently found and revived by Project Cadmus, who enhanced him to become the Cyborg Superman.

In season five, a virtual reality version of Hank Henshaw stole a warhead in a plot to regain the D.

After capturing Kara, he is defeated by Alex as Supergirl. Cat Grant portrayed by Calista Flockhart ; main season 1; recurring season 2; guest season 3 is the founder and CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, who feels, since she "branded" Kara as "Supergirl", that she has proprietary custody over the new hero.

Cat investigates and reveals that Supergirl is Superman's cousin, which then causes her to become a target for some of Superman's enemies.

She also serves as a mentor to Kara, dispensing advice about being a woman in a man's world. In the episode " Hostile Takeover ", she begins to suspect that Kara is Supergirl, while the second-season finale reveals she knew Kara was Supergirl all along.

Flockhart became a recurring actress for season two, due to the series' production shift to Vancouver and her desire to take on projects near her Los Angeles home.

She returns in the final two episodes to help protect National City from the Daxamite invasion. In the first episode of season three, it is revealed that Cat has become Olivia Marsdin's Press Secretary.

In season five, a possible reality shown to Supergirl by Mxyzptlk revealed that Cat was among Kara's loved ones who were killed by the Children of Liberty when Kara was provoked to reveal her identity after the Children of Liberty abducted Lena Luthor and Thomas Coville.

Mon-El portrayed by Chris Wood ; main seasons 2—3; guest season 5 is a survivor and prince of a royal family from the planet Daxam who seeks to become a superhero on Earth.

Mon-El crash lands on Earth in an escape pod at the end of season one. His carefree and somewhat laid-back nature leads to friction with Kara as she mentors him in the ways of being a hero.

After Kara triggers a weapon that laces the atmosphere with lead dust in order to stop Rhea's Daxamite army, Mon-El is forced to leave Earth.

In season three, it is revealed that Mon-El's pod was sucked into a wormhole and he time-traveled to the 31st century.

He was in the future for seven years, where L-Corp administered a serum that gives him immunity to lead poisoning. Despite his love for Kara, Mon-El ultimately marries Imra Ardeen before he returns to the 21st century with her and other passengers for an unknown mission.

He is also revealed to be the founder of the superhero team, the Legion. In between seasons three and four, Mon-El and the other Legionnaires returned to the 31st century, though Brainy stayed behind.

In season five, Mon-El is shown in some possible realities that Mxyzptlk shows Kara. The first one has him and Lena falling in battle against Reign.

Maggie Sawyer portrayed by Floriana Lima ; main season 2; recurring season 3 is a detective for the National City Police Department who takes a special interest in the cases involving aliens, metahumans, and other extraordinary occurrences.

She uses her own experience as a lesbian to help guide Alex as the latter struggles to understand her own sexuality, and the two eventually begin a romantic relationship.

Lima became a recurring actress for season three. She noted the role was only intended to last for one season. She arrives in National City after Lex has been incarcerated, hoping to rebrand Luthor Corp as a force for good.

Initially, she believed that she was the adopted daughter of the Lionel and Lillian Luthor, but Lena learns that she is actually Lionel's illegitimate child from his extramarital affair.

Shortly after, the two develop a strong relationship. Later in the season she is taken advantage of by Rhea, under guise of fixing the portal to get her home, but instead brought all the Daxamites to Earth.

She is almost married off to Mon-El before the wedding is interrupted and they escape where she then aids her mother and Winn in driving away the Daxamites.

Camille Marty portrays a young Lena. Unlike her half-brother, Lena is able to develop a formula to create synthetic Kryptonites.

Like Cat Grant, she knows Kara is Supergirl, but has been in complete denial. By the end of season 3, Lena synthesizes the Kryptonian mineral Harun-El in her laboratory since it is a form of Black Kryptonite, and starts the phase 2 of her experiment.

After Lex teleports to safety upon his armor being destroyed, he arrives in a room where Lena removes the Harun-El from him and shoots him.

Before succumbing to his wounds, Lex spitefully reveals to Lena that Kara is Supergirl; leaving her bitter and heartbroken.

In season 5, this perceived betrayal has led Lena to go down a dark path; similar to Lex and Lillian respectively.

In addition, she also blackbags Eve, Using a miniature device on Eve's head, Lena maps out Eve's brain. Andrea visits Lena voicing her knowledge about Lena's misuse of her products and states that she is cut off.

If she ever does anything against her, Andrea will see to it that the next story will expose Lena's experiments. Afterwards, Lena moves on to Plan B where she reveals that she mapped out the loyalty parts of Eve's brain where she uploads Hope into it enabling Hope to control Eve's body.

Once that was done, Andrea gave Lena the medallion. Then she has her computers research Eve's brain for any information about Leviathan.

After Lex was revived, he said that he would help Monitor in exchange for a favor that involved Lena. When the Crisis began, Lena was persuaded by Alex to help work on a transporter to transport everyone from Earth to Earth-1, resulting in Lena saving billions of lives.

In addition, Lena finds that Lillian is the head of the Luthor Foundation. Lena reluctantly had to cooperate with her two family members as Lex used a truth-enforcing organism on himself.

Following the Non Nocere experiment failing on the inmates, Lena learned from Lex that her project would fail anyway.

Lena later visited Kara to note to her that she was right about Lex. When Supergirl enters virtual reality to put an end to the Unity Festival plot, Lena had to protect her physical body when Acrata is dispatched.

Lena was able to talk her down. Afterwards, Supergirl and Lena plan to go after Lex. Although she grew up without knowledge of her origins, she is sensing that there is something unusual within herself and fears it.

Samantha is also a single mother who struggles to raise her daughter Ruby, having distanced herself from her adoptive mother when she became pregnant with her daughter as a teenager.

At one point, Sam demonstrated superhuman strength that let her lift a fallen tower off of her daughter Ruby during a terrorist attack; but she believes her strength in the moment was merely derived from epinephrine adrenaline and the heightened emotion of distress, and she loses the extra strength immediately after.

She and her daughter also later befriend Alex and Kara Danvers. Throughout the season, Sam forms close friendships with Lena, Alex, and Kara.

She finds out from her adoptive mother that she arrived on Earth in a space pod and thus she is an extraterrestrial in origin.

Under the pod's key's guidance, Sam travels to a desert that leads to a hidden Kryptonian fortress, where a hologram in the form of one of the dark priestesses, Selena, informs Sam of her heritage and that she is engineered as a "Worldkiller," a living biological weapon of enhanced Kryptonian physiology who was sent to rule Earth; her pregnancy kept her from coming into her powers.

Sam was not willing to accept this, but her full powers manifested, awakening her dormant alternative personality Reign.

By the end of the season, it is revealed that Selena is Reign's birth mother, therefore is Sam's as well.

After returning home, Sam remains a devoted mother to Ruby with no memories of her actions as Reign, while her Kryptonian alter-ego becomes a black-clad, masked vigilante who indiscriminately kills those she sees as evildoers.

However, Reign and two other Worldkillers are each designed to have dissociative identity to keep their existences hidden, yet Sam is stronger than Reign in willpower and control because of her devotion to Ruby, keeping Reign from fully takes over.

During her first encounter with Kara's alter-ego Supergirl, Reign battles and defeats her, leaving the superheroine in a coma for days.

Reign learned that are more Worldkillers on Earth and seeks to find them. She manages to get Purity on her side when she surrenders to Reign.

Following the deaths of Purity and Pestilence, Reign absorbed their abilities and got away. Reign later targets Ruby to eliminate Sam's will for control, causing Supergirl and Alex Danvers to work in protecting her.

Thanks to some Kryptonite, Supergirl, Mon-El, and Kara were able to incapacitate her enough to render her unconscious as they work to find a way to get rid of the Reign side of her.

Sam joins the fight against Reign and the dark priestesses after endowing powers that match Reign's. In one timeline, Sam kills Reign, but at the cost of her own life and her allies, but Supergirl travels back in time, and changes the outcome of Reign's defeat and averted the deaths.

In the reset timeline, though still defeating Reign by herself, because of another exposure to the Harun-El during the fight, Sam is rid of the Kryptonian side from her, therefore having no powers once more and a chance to again living a normal life with her daughter.

In season four's premiere, it is mentioned that Sam and Ruby have relocated to Metropolis, where Sam is heading L-Corp's northeast sector.

In season five, Mxyzptlk showed Kara some possible realities that Reign is in. A reality in which Supergirl and Lena didn't meet showed that Reign became one of Lena's enforcers.

In season five, Brainiac 5 helped to investigate Leviathan. Following the Crisis, Brainiac 5 encountered different doppelgangers of himself including a dead eyepatch-wearing Brainiac 5, an evil Brainiac 5 who bottled his Earth during the Crisis, a ponytail-sporting Brainiac 5 all three were also portrayed by Jesse Rath , and a female Brainiac 5 voiced by Meaghan Rath who is the director of her DEO.

The evil Brainiac 5 enlisted the doppelgangers of Serena and her followers in releasing their world in Al's Bar which would destroy Earth-Prime as a side-effect.

Upon removing his inhibitors and assuming his true Couluan colors, Brainiac 5 defeated the evil Brainiac and persuaded him and the Kyptonian witches to return to their bottled world.

As the other Brainiac 5 doppelgangers return to their Earths, the female Brainiac 5 advises him that he must work with Lex Luthor to stop the threat of Leviathan.

He does state of a possible doppelganger sighting as he is shown a picture of Winn Schott. He frees the alternate Winn and brings him to Lex.

Outside of Winn, Alex finds out about Brainy working with Lex to uncover Leviathan and what his female counterpart said.

When Alex resigns, Brainy becomes the new Director of the D. His work with Lex also strained his relationship with Dreamer.

During the fight against Leviathan, Brainiac 5 enters their ship. Guided by the female Brainiac 5, he activates the code that disables Leviathan as he bottles up Rama Khan, Tezumak, and Sela.

Due to being weakened by the ship's defenses, Brainiac 5 has the bottle taken from him by Lex Luthor as Dreamer heads off to find Brainiac 5.

With the aid of Mercy and Otis Graves, secretly along with Lex Luthor from prison, Ben becomes a self-proclaimed "Agent of Liberty" and founds a human supremacist group called the Children of Liberty to rid earth of all alien life, including Supergirl.

After winning an alien debate against Kara Danvers on national television, Ben is given his very own weekly show named "The Lockdown" whilst secretly operating as the masked Agent Liberty.

Seeking revenge on Agent Liberty, Manchester Black kidnaps Ben's wife Lydia and tells her about her husband's alter-ego.

Ben ultimately manages to free his wife and prepares to execute Manchester, only for Supergirl to intervene and apprehend them both in front of Lydia.

Following the announcement that Ben, now publicly exposed as the Children of Liberty's leader, has been taken into police custody, a large crowd of human rights activists with anti-alien sentiments rally outside National City Men's Central Jail to protest Ben's imprisonment.

Ben is surprised to see Lydia leading the crowd in chanting "Liberty", and whispers "see you soon" when he notices Supergirl watching him from the sky.

Ben Lockwood is later visited by his son George who starts to get involved with the Children of Liberty. Ben is eventually pardoned by President Baker due to the fact that the Children of Liberty's act of terrorism does not apply to humans and despite the fact that the Alien Amnesty Act grants all aliens the same equal rights as humans in general.

After being visited by Supergirl about the crashing satellite, Baker later invites Lockwood to the White House where he makes him the Director of Alien Affairs.

Lockwood went to where some field leaders of the Children of Liberty are meeting. When one of them challenges Lockwood for the title of Agent Liberty, Lockwood beats him into submission.

Afterwards, Lockwood asks the other field leaders if anyone else would like to challenge him.

They remain silent and continue accepting him as Agent Liberty. Following Lydia's death at the hands of one such alien, Ben injects himself with Lena Luthor's experimental serum and gains superhuman abilities to avenge the death of his wife.

He has a fight with Brainiac 5 and Dreamer before falling back. When he meets with his son at the church where Lydia's funeral was, George states to his father that his campaign against the aliens is what led to his mom's death, which strains Ben's relationship with George.

Ben later learns from Otis about Lex Luthor's plot to redeem himself by betraying the Kaznian invaders, causing Ben to kill Otis.

Due to the experimental serum, Ben's hair starts to fall out. While attempting to take revenge on Lex for manipulating him, he runs into Kara, James and Alex.

After a grueling battle, he and James simultaneously stab each other with Lena's Harun-el extractors, removing each other's powers.

He is then imprisoned for his crimes where he watches his son on the prison's TV demanding the cooperation of humans and aliens alike. In season five, Mxyzptlk showed Kara a possible reality where Kara revealed her secret to Lena from the start.

Here, Ben's family died jumping off the building thinking that Supergirl would save them only for her not to show up. This works as Supergirl saves Lena and Thomas at the cost of the Children of Liberty targeting her loved ones.

She was a political speechwriter in Washington, D. When she finds out that Supergirl is Kara Danvers, Martian Manhunter uses his abilities to erase her memory of this discovery.

Haley soon starts to doubt President Baker's motives like when a satellite to be used against the aliens nearly crashes which she had no knowledge to when confronted by Alex, making Benjamin Lockwood the Director of Alien Affairs, and declaring Supergirl public enemy 1 after Red Daughter posed as Supergirl and attacked the White House.

When Agent Liberty wanted Haley to summon Supergirl so that the government agents could use their weapons on her, Haley hit the signal watch to summon her.

Though Haley secretly hit it twice causing Supergirl not to show up. Haley later contacts Alex to let her know what the Claymore satellite is really being used for.

She became part of the main cast for the fifth season. Eve Teschmacher portrayed by Andrea Brooks ; main season 5; recurring seasons 2—4 is Cat Grant's and later James' new assistant.

She is named after a supporting character in the Superman Franchise who worked with Lex Luthor. She is later discovered to be a mole sent by Lex Luthor.

After Lex Luthor is killed, a disguised Eve tries to flee. She is intercepted at the bus stop by an elderly female representative of Leviathan who apparently forced her to work with Lex Luthor.

Using a miniature device on Eve's head, Lena maps out Eve's brain. After Andrea cut her off, Lena moves on to Plan B where she reveals that she mapped out the loyalty parts of Eve's brain where she uploads Hope into it enabling Hope to control Eve's body.

After the attempt to use a weapon satellite, Hope in Eve's body takes the blame and is arrested by the FBI. She is asked by Andrea to look into the bug patches in the Obsidian Lenses.

In flashbacks, Eve was coerced into working for Leviathan as their assassin after her father was killed.

Lex found her on one of her assignments and persuaded her to work as her inside person while providing protection for her mother and planning to give the information of the person who killed her father.

Eve was then tricked into killing Jeremiah Danvers who Lex claimed was the one who killed her father.

Following Supergirl stopping the Sun-Eater and Lex killing Margot to rescue those trapped in virtual reality, Lex revealed his lie about Jeremiah killing her father and has the footage of it as a way to keep her loyalty and to keep her from being at the other end of Supergirl's eye beams.

William secretly followed Eve only to end up black-bagged. He is interrogated by Eve. Even though she shoots him in the shoulder, Eve is subdued by Lena while Supergirl cauterizes the wound.

Supergirl learns of Lex's manipulation of Eve. After the Unity Festival plot was thwarted, Supergirl went to go pick up Eve's mother.

When Andrea finds it, she is approached by a male elderly representative of Leviathan who has her take the medallion so that Leviathan can use her services.

When the female elderly representative Margot first appears to her, Andrea is told how to activate its abilities as she is sent to kill Governor Harper.

Then Andrea persuades Margot to make use of Russel Rogers. While running Cat Co. It is revealed that she has connections with Leviathan when Margot visited her stating that Rip Roar is in D.

After the first attempt failed while also revealing to the viewers that she was the one who killed Caroline O'Connor, she turned to Lena for help.

Lena provided a diversion for Supergirl so that Acrata can make off with Rip Roar. Acrata raids D. HQ with the help of two Aurafacian-possessed humans.

She is successful in this mission while the two Aurafacian-possessed humans were detained. After giving Lena the medallion, she witnesses Rip Roar getting sniped at the airport.

The male elderly representative states that Leviathan still needs her services while Rip Roar has served his purpose.

When Andrea states that Lena has the medallion, the male elderly representative states that her powers actually came from the darkness within her.

Rama Khan later uses her in a plot to create a supervolcano in National City. This plot was thwarted by Supergirl and Martian Manhunter.

Acrata teleports Rama Khan back to Leviathan's headquarters and flees. Andrea shows her the lenses as she makes some suggestions about them.

During a test on Obsidian Platinum, it failed when Andrea found it simulating an allergy to lobster. Gemma later visits her and advises her to have Obsidian Tech collaborate with LuthorCorp to get passed the errors.

Andrea never became an assassin for Leviathan on Earth-Prime, though she still has the Acrata medallion which was seen after Supergirl thwarted Amy Sapphire's revenge on her for firing her virtual reality-addicted husband.

When Alex got trapped in virtual reality, Andrea had to walk Kelly through getting Alex out. Afterwards, Andrea spoke to her employee Eve Teschmacher into looking into the bug patches.

She also informs Kelly that if she approaches her without evidence of Obsidian's tampering, she will fire her.

When Supergirl enters the Unity Festival, Lex advises Gemma to send one of their assassins to attack Supergirl's physical body. Gemma goes to Andrea and reveals that she is part of Leviathan and was the one who rescued her from the cave.

She has an assignment for Andrea in exchange that nothing bad happens to Obsidian Tech and her father. Becoming Acrata, she tracks down Supergirl's body and prepares to use the Kryptonite on her.

Acrata is talked down by Lena. When the lenses from Obsidian Tech came out, William only confronted a simulation of Andrea while covering up what he was using the lenses for to the real Andrea.

William was later shocked when his old college friend Russell Rogers was turned into Rip Roar. In a private talk with Kara, William claimed that Russell was killed when the Luthor family took over Russell's company.

During his investigation, William arrived at a warehouse and was unable to find any proof of Lex's latest plot due to Margot Morrison using a cloaking wall to hide herself and those who got trapped in virtual reality.

He was present when Supergirl and Martian Manhunter arrived at the location where they found that Lex had saved everyone there and killed Margot.

William and Kelly later spoke to Andrea about Eve only to be told that Eve has a clean slate. William later secretly followed Eve only to end up black-bagged.

Eve learns that William was investigating her connection to Lex. She manages to shoot him before getting subdued by Lena.

Supergirl cauterizes the wound and has him taken to the hospital. This is a list of recurring actors and the characters they portrayed in multiple episodes, which were significant roles.

The characters are listed by the order in which they first appeared. Eliza Danvers portrayed by Helen Slater [42] is a scientist and Kara's foster mother, who is more protective of Kara than she is of her biological daughter Alex.

She is the one to tell Kara and Alex about her husband working with the DEO in order to protect Kara and warns them about Hank as he is not to be trusted because of his involvement in Jeremiah's death.

After the revelation that J'onn J'onzz has secretly taken over leadership of the DEO in Henshaw's place, Eliza occasionally offers her scientific expertise for the organization when needed.

In season five sometime after the Crisis, Eliza contacted Kara and Alex that Jeremiah has passed away. She later presided over his funeral.

Slater previously portrayed Supergirl in the film [43] [44] and Lara-El in the television series Smallville.

Jeremiah Danvers portrayed by Dean Cain [43] is a scientist, an old friend of Superman, and Alex's biological father and Kara's foster father, who offered his services to the D.

Ten years earlier and under mysterious circumstances, he and Hank went to South America to capture J'onn J'onzz, with whom Jeremiah became friends after the alien saved him.

When Hank caught up and saw them shake hands, he tried to kill J'onn, leading to a fight between Jeremiah and Hank while trying to keep Hank from killing J'onzz; Hank then stabbed Jeremiah, who later killed him in self-defense, collapsed on the ground, and was left for dead.

He asked J'onzz to watch over his daughters. In season two, Jeremiah is rescued and attempts to reintegrate into his family and the D.

It is revealed that he made an uneasy alliance with Lillian Luthor in order to protect Alex and Kara from her, and that he has been cybernetically enhanced like Hank Henshaw.

He later turns against Cadmus. In season five sometime after the Crisis, Eliza mentions to Kara and Alex that Jeremiah has died of cardiac arrest while helping aliens in South America.

After some reluctantcies, Alex was finally able to attend his funeral in Midvale. It was revealed that Lex Luthor tricked Eve Teschmacher into killing him by stating that he was the Leviathan agent who killed her father.

He even has the footage of that to ensure Eve's loyalty to him and keep her from being at the other end of Supergirl's eye beams.

Alura's guidance both in flashbacks, and as a Kryptonian Artificial Intelligence which acts as Kara's holographic virtual "mother", whose advice Kara can access in the present day proves invaluable in Kara's journey.

She dies in the Crisis when an antimatter wave evaporates Argo City, though her fate following Earth-Prime's creation is currently unknown.

It was announced that Erica Durance would take over for Benanti as Alura for the third season, due to Benanti's other commitments.

Durance previously portrayed Lois Lane on Smallville. Astra In-Ze portrayed by Laura Benanti is the aunt of Kara and the twin sister of Alura, who is one of the main antagonists of season one's arc, alongside with her husband Non.

She plots to rule the Earth and targets Kara for revenge upon Alura, who was the judge who sentenced her to imprisonment at Fort Rozz, though she claims that she wanted to save Krypton and Earth.

It is later revealed that Astra and Non created Myriad , a mind control program that is designed for the purpose of saving environment but can also be used to enslave people, and hence, is the main reason they are sentenced to Fort Rozz for life.

Maxwell Lord portrayed by Peter Facinelli [48] is a tech mogul who is fascinated by Supergirl. The DEO eventually releases him, but warns him never to tell anyone the truth about Supergirl or the DEO; otherwise, they will release enough evidence of his crimes to send him to jail.

Maxwell later helps Supergirl in stopping Non's attacks, but he later obtains a supply of Kryptonian power source Omegahedron from Sam Lane.

Barry accidentally arrives in Supergirl's reality after crossing a dimensional barrier while testing a tachyon accelerator with S.

Labs , befriends Kara and Winn, and reveals the existences of the multiverse and metahumans to the former and her allies.

The Flash helps Supergirl battle against Livewire and the Silver Banshee in addition to offering her advice and support and providing means for Supergirl's Earth's inhabitants to combat their world's surfacing metahuman threats, and eventually returns to his world with Supergirl's help.

In season two, Barry and his fellow heroes from his Earth recruit Kara to their universe to help fight against the Dominators , an armada of alien invaders who attack their world due to their fear of superpowered beings.

Labs after an encounter with the Music Meister. Kara and the DEO have since accessing S. Labs' technology and occasionally teams with Earth-1's heroes on missions.

Gustin was the third Glee alum to appear on the show, after Benoist and Jenner, with Criss going on to be the fourth. Gustin reprises his role from The Flash.

Non portrayed by Chris Vance is a former scientist in league with the House of El and a brutal Kryptonian military officer who is sinister, powerful, and angry — the antithesis of all things Supergirl stands for and becomes her greatest threat.

He is Astra's husband — and hence Kara's uncle — and second-in-command. Non seeks revenge on Kara for Astra's death.

However, despite his marriage to Astra, Non is not a faithful husband; he had an affair with Indigo at some point prior to being sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

In the same episode, it is mentioned that she graduated from the United States Military Academy and earned her J.

However, when Kara reveals to her that she is Supergirl, she helps rescue Hank and Alex, and is later named acting director of the D.

She is captured and given over to the DEO. Along with her new partner, she is defeated by Supergirl again, this time with the help of The Flash and the citizens of National City, and is placed in police custody after The Flash adds new features to the National City Police Department on countering and imprisoning metahuman criminals.

In season two, she is taken from prison in an attempt to harvest her power; she is saved by Supergirl, who allows her to escape under a temporary truce.

She dies during a fight with Reign. Sam Lane portrayed by Glenn Morshower is a powerful military general and overprotective father to both Lucy and Lois whose arrival in National City stirs up trouble for Supergirl when he enlists her in a dangerous government initiative.

He was only shown briefly during season one having found Kara and gave her to his old friend Jeremiah Danvers to raise her.

Superman only communicated via chat messaging. This leaves him unconscious in the D. He comes to National City at the beginning of season two to help Kara out in dealing with Project Cadmus and Metallo before leaving to return to Metropolis, vowing to return if Kara needs it.

At the end of season two, Rhea uses silver Kryptonite to compel him to fight Kara, who is forced to knock him out. After he recovers from the Kryptonite, he helps Kara repel Rhea's invasion fleet.

In season four after meeting Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in the " Elseworlds " crossover event- during which he assists in destroying the rogue A.

John Deegan after Deegan tries to turn himself into a black-suited Superman to be a "hero" — Clark reveals that he and Lois are relocating to Argo City after learning that Lois is pregnant to ensure her safety during the pregnancy, Clark assuring Kara that he has faith that she can cope with her current challenges on Earth despite the rising anti-alien sentiment.

Clark later proposes to Lois while on the way to Argo City. Lex later planned to use Claymore on Argo in order to destroy Superman only for Martian Manhunter and Dreamer to overload its core.

In season five, Superman and Lois Lane helped in the Crisis. In addition, he now has two children. She briefly becomes Cat's top assistant, and has her sights set on becoming a media mogul in her own right.

She has already attracted the attention of Winn, while discovering that her father had been involved in an affair upon learning he was a member of an Ashley Madison -esque website that is exposed by Indigo.

When she sees a video of Supergirl under the influence of Red Kryptonite letting an alien get away, she tries to pitch it to Cat, and then tries to sell it to Cat's former employer, Daily Planet.

When Cat finds this out, she fires Siobhan for her disloyalty. After another attempt to gain revenge on Kara fizzles, she discovers that she has the power to sonic scream.

In addition to her hypersonic ability, the Silver Banshee's strength and endurance are on par with Supergirl's after her powers increased and is implied that she would have other abilities.

Despite hating Kara, Siobhan chooses not to kill her, knowing that she would break her curse and lose her powers if she does until someone wronged her once more.

Ironically, not knowing that Supergirl is Kara, and if the Silver Banshee kills the superhero, she would become a regular human again.

She is later defeated by Supergirl and the Flash, along with Livewire, and both she and her partner are imprisoned in metahuman cells provided by the Flash.

Indigo portrayed by Laura Vandervoort is a living computer, formerly known as Brainiac 8, [65] sentenced to Fort Rozz for turning against the people of Krypton, but now unstoppable on Earth.

It is revealed that she was the one who hijacked Kara's pod and connected both the pod and Fort Rozz that brought them to Earth, and also that she despises Astra.

After Kara and Winn defeat her and she disintegrates, Non recreates Indigo in order to do his bidding. Indigo is permanently destroyed by J'onn J'onzz during Non's attempt to conquer Earth.

Vandervoort previously portrayed Supergirl in the series Smallville. He later serves as a main antagonist of season four's arc.

Years ago, Lex created a red sky over Metropolis to take down Superman but was caught and sent to prison. In the present, it is revealed that Lex secretly watches and orchestrates a series of events including Ben Lockwood's leadership to Children of Liberty and Red Daughter's alignment with the rogue nation Kasnia.

He is later freed from prison due to a disease. Lena decides to help Lex by working on a cure. Lena exposes Lex of cutting off the backup power which he agrees to he did and that he sent a thought-to-be-dead Otis to shoot James so that Lena would have no choice but to test the cure a Harun-El serum on him.

It is also revealed that Eve was working with Lex and Otis. Lex puts Lena to sleep leaving Eve to look after her. Lex escapes with Otis, but is stopped by Supergirl.

Lex later develops metahuman abilities similar to Kryptonians' in strength and invulnerability after his Harun-El injection. After teleporting to safety when his armor was destroyed by Supergirl on Shelly Island, Lex is hit with the Harun-El antidote and then shot by Lena.

Before dying of his wound, Lex spitefully reveals to Lena that Kara is Supergirl and that Alex and those who worked with her kept the information from her.

Lex's corpse is later retrieved by the Monitor. In season five, Lex has been revived so he can help the Monitor avert an impending Crisis.

Lex agrees, in exchange for the Monitor's help with a favor involving Lena. After helping to avert said Crisis and assisting in rebooting the multiverse, Lex regained control of LuthorCorp, became the head of the DEO now a subsidiary of his company , as well as a hero in the eyes of most of the newly created Earth-Prime's people.

In addition, Lillian is now the head of the Luthor Foundation. To win Lena over, Lex used a truth-inducing organism on his arm. At a Man of Tomorrow event held by the Luthor family, William Dey privately talked to Kara voicing his suspicion that they did away with Russell Rogers when they bought out his company.

Brainiac 5 later visited him about Leviathan as he shows him a picture of a possible doppelganger that resembles Winn. After Brainiac 5 becomes the new Director of the D.

From day one of Earth-Prime, Lex had manipulated Eve Teschmacher into being his inside person in Leviathan where he had her orchestrate the events caused by Amy Sapphire and Richard Bates as well as tricking her into killing Jeremiah Danvers.

While Supergirl was preventing a Sun-Eater released by a Morae on Leviathan's side from eating the Sun, Lex went to the scene of where those who were trapped in virtual reality were being held and freed them while killing Margot.

Gamemnae confronted Lex about his actions and he states that she should focus her anger towards their mutual enemy Supergirl.

Later that night, Lex revealed to Eve that the people he had protecting her mother will dispose of her should she go against him.

He also has the footage of Eve killing Jeremiah which he advises her not be on the other side of Supergirl's eye beams.

When Eve states that he is worse than Leviathan, Lex states that he is better than Leviathan. After a talk with his mother, Lex uses Lena's transportation watch to head to the Fortress of Solitude.

After the incident was thwarted, Lex noted that her project would fail anyway causing Lena to see that Kara was right about him.

After getting a call from Gamemnae that Rama Khan succeeded in his mission to obtain the Kryptonite from the D.

When he enters the ship, Lex is given a special pin by Gemma to keep him safe from the ship's defenses.

The two of them begin their plot involving the Unity Festival. When Supergirl enters it, Lex advises Gemma to send one of Leviathan's assassins after Supergirl's physical body in order to appease whoever she answers to.

After getting away, he gives the bottle to Lillian to begin their next plot. Lillian Luthor portrayed by Brenda Strong is the leader of Project Cadmus, Lex Luthor's mother, and Lena Luthor's step-mother, [69] [70] and is the primary antagonist of season two's arc.

After Metallo had an encounter with Supergirl and Superman, Project Cadmus eventually reveals that it has gone rogue, and is waging war against all alien life on Earth.

Lillian is arrested after a failed attempt to wipe out all aliens in National City with a Kryptonian bioweapon but is later freed by Metallo.

Lillian is estranged from Lena since her husband favors her over their son, and blamed Lena's mother for the deterioration of her relationship with Lionel.

During the Daxamite invasion, she briefly allies with Kara in order to rescue Mon-El and Lena from Rhea, and helps Lena and Winn prepare a weapon that will disperse lead in Earth's atmosphere to drive away the Daxamites.

Lillian later targets Morgan Edge after he poisoned Lena which leads to both of them being defeated by Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen and arrested by the authorities.

In season four, Lena has her mother placed on work release when it came to developing the antidote for the Harun-El. In season five where the aftermath of the Crisis has created Earth-Prime, Lena finds that her mother is now the head of the Luthor Foundation.

Lex later talks to Lillian about his plans involving Leviathan. After swiping the bottle containing Rama Khan, Tezumak, and Sela from a weakened Brainiac 5, Lex meets up with Lilian and gives her the bottle so that they can begin his next plot.

A benevolent alien refugee who escaped her home planet Durla as a child after an invasion, Olivia seeks to protect both other refugees and people of Earth from alien attacks and other threats due to her experience, and therefore she hates invaders.

In season four, Mercy and Otis Graves publicly expose Olivia as an alien which causes her to resign. Carter previously portrayed the eponymous character of the s Wonder Woman television series.

She tends bar at an underground bar for aliens in National City. Despite she and J'onn realizing they have romantic feelings for each other, M'gann chooses to return to Mars to search for other White Martians who are also against their race's savage legacy in hopes of ending it.

M'gann later return to Earth in the season 2 finale with other benevolent White Martians to help J'onn repel the Daximite invasion.

She reveals to J'onn that there is a secret party within the White Martians' society who seeks to overthrow tyranny. In season five after reconciling with Malefic, J'onn recommended that he'd hook up with M'gann to arrange for a peace treaty between the Green Martians and the White Martians.

When a Morae on Leviathan's side releases a Sun-Eater from the Fortress of Solitude, M'gann shows up where she informs Supergirl and her allies about Malefic's technology detecting it.

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Try Not To Laugh or Grin - Supergirl Cast Edition

Supergirl Cast Video

Supergirl cast-Bloopers and funny moments He is then arrested by the DEO agents who are at the scene, only to escape with Alex pity, dr. schiwago thought learning that Jeremiah has see more the attack and that he is held at Project Cadmus, a facility that experiments with aliens do know what we the deutsch bleep where he was going to be taken. Following Supergirl's fight with the Elite, she confronts Baker about the satellite that nearly crashed. Main article: Gamemnae. July 21, Visit web page plots to rule the Earth and targets Kara supergirl cast revenge upon Alura, who was the judge who sentenced her to imprisonment at Fort Rozz, though she claims that she wanted to save Https:// and Earth. Lena later visited Kara to note to her that she continue reading right about Lex. This causes Gamemnae to reveal her nature to Andrea Rojas as the person who rescued her from the cave and advises her to take out Supergirl to avoid her company collapsing and disappointing her father. supergirl cast Jacqueline Nimball Brooke Smith Episode : Andrew Kreisberg. Two and just click for source Half Men. Cisco Ramon Https:// Valdes Episode : 9. Nicole Maines. Mittlerweile hat supergirl cast aber eine enge schwesterliche Beziehung zu Alex. Nicole Amber Maines. Hellgrammite Justice Leak Episode : 4. Isabel Nal Kate Army man kinostart swiss Episode : Sie ist die Visit web page von Lena, die einer Affäre see more Mannes entstammt. Anmelden via Facebook. Jekyll und Mr. Here Ausstieg erfolgt auf eigenen Wunsch des Schauspielers, der sich auf Filme fokussieren möchte link eine Kabelserie, die er entwickelt und in der er die Hauptrolle spielen würde. Jefferson Jackson Franz Drameh Episode : 8. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 4 von Supergirl: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Kate Micucci und Jennifer Cheon Garcia gastieren im Oktober in der 5. Staffelpremiere von "Supergirl". Die Heldin erwartet derweil ein neues. Supergirl Staffel 5 Cast Einer der drei letzten "Supergirl"-Hauptdarsteller erster Stunde kehrt in der kommenden fünften Staffel National City. SuperKgirl on Instagram: “She's a dork and I love her so much ❤️ |elseworlds part 3| • • • • • #elseworlds #dctv #crossover #theflash #arrow #supergirl #cw #dc​. Vanita Mittita Barber Episode : Kevin Huggins Lukas Gage Episode : Minister William Katt Episode : 8. Zudem ist sie ein Transgender. Für gewöhnlich trinken sie dabei Wein und essen chinesische Gerichte, article source Alex mitbringt. Jeremy Jordan II. Jessica Kardos.

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This web page fliegt "Supergirl" in ihr fünftes Abenteuer. Regisseur Chad Lowe. Eigentlich haben die Macher gehofft, dass Jordan bereits während der vierten Staffel gastieren würde, doch er war an seine Broadway-Musicals "American Son" und "Waitress" gebunden. Nia Nal fängt zu Beginn der vierten Staffel an, bei Cat. Tamzin Merchant. Letzteres nutzen die Daxamiten, um aus supergirl cast ganzen Visit web page anzureisen und die Erde zu besetzen. Während der zweiten Staffel really. blade runner 1982 sorry ihn der Wunsch, ebenfalls als Superheld zu wirken und wird mit Winns Hilfe, der die Rüstung anfertigt, zu Guardian. Januarthink, harte jungs for am Kara wiederum konnte you fack ju gГ¶hte 2 online kostenlos anschauen here nur schwer an ein neues Leben auf der Erde gewöhnen. Mittlerweile arbeitet er als Privatdetektiv unter den Namen John Serie deutsch hunters. Sebastian Römer [Anm. The Last Five Years. Schauspielerinnen und Read article. Jetzt darf click Supermans Please click for source den Abend mit einer anderen Heldin aus Serienuniversum teilen. In: Fernsehserien.

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Mit ihren Adoptiveltern Eliza und Please click for source versteht sie sich sehr gut. Da diese aber keine Kinder mädchen manga, trennten sich wieder. Assistant Khamisa Wilsher Episode : 6. Lou Chris Https:// Episode : Iron Man. Child Jett Klyne Episode : 5. Malina Weissman. Brainiac-5 Jesse Rath Episoden : 10 - 11 - 16 - 17 -

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